Boys, Girls, And X

Did you say nuts?

I’m not a boy, I’m not a girl, call me X…  I saw the other day that in Washington state there is a new birth choice when you have a baby.  You don’t need to pick if it is a boy or a girl, you can pick an X instead.  

What on earth is the matter with people?  I mean really, pick an X for your child’s sex at birth.  I think any parent who would do this to their child is only doing this for themselves.  Some people want to show the world their hang ups so, they are going to list their child as an X on their birth certificate.

We are a society of confusion.  We are a society of fear.  We are turning into a bunch of nuts.  I mean it.  Think about the child who has enough pressure from society and their peers as they grow.  The world is FULL of bullies in all walks of life, and now we want to list our children as an X.  Has anybody really thought about this.

I don’t care who you want to be or what gender you are attracted too putting your child in a situation that will assure ridicule for the whole of their life by listing them as an X is crazy.  Can you see it in day care, in grade school, in high school.  You want your child to be listed as an X because of your insecurities

I can see the television special now.   ” Flour was raised in an environment where everyone looked the same.  Same non-descript clothes, hairstyles, names such as Flour, Tulip, and Bunny. All the toys were toys of learning, no sex identity related things allowed, no dolls, no trucks or cars, no makeup, no male, female identities of any kind.  But wait, someone wants to have a baby.  How to explain that to generation X….

I guess at some point we are going to have to tell baby X that they are indeed a boy or a girl if they want to reproduce.  Or, will there be shopping marts where you go pick up your baby X, so that you can be a parent.

Where’s the baby section?

But how will these babies be reproduced if everyone is an X.  Will there be secret baby boys and girls that will be housed and kept for reproduction so as to continue to populate the world.  I mean if you are an X how will you ever figure out who does what to who. At some point we will have to talk about the different sexes, what that entails, and how babies are made.  Don’t you think your child is going to ask you why you listed them as an X…..

I understand the sad state of affairs for those who love and are attracted to other then ” the normal partner.” For those who want to dress or identify with another sex I say go ahead.  Bigots, and society has made it difficult for those people to live a safe and happy life.  That makes me sick.  What is done between consenting adults, and who they want to live with is no ones business, so get on with what really matters in this world.

Let’s stop worrying about who is doing who and look at all the sex crimes going on.  Look at all the child abuse, hunger, and homelessness.  Pay attention to all the people who need help and reach out a hand.  Step up and stop crime.  Forget the color of EVERYONE’S skin and help those in need.

You can identify any way you want but I don’t think listing a baby and identifying them as an X will ever prove to be a good thing.  Just let them know that whoever or whatever they choose is okay.  Encourage them with love as they grow. Accept whatever toys or clothes they want to wear.  Teach them to be good people, and show your pride in their choice.  Those are the steps to insure a contented and happy human being.

I don’t think we need a category X.  We need to learn to love and accept each other.  We need to teach our little ones to be helpful and kind.  Covering up their true identity will not instill those traits.  They will only instill confusion and questions when they are out in the world faced with their PARENTS choice for them.

We need to change the world, not the listing of the sex of our child.  We need to assure our schools are offering good skills and honorable traits.  We need to set good examples by being a good example.  We need to help others, so  children will learn how to reach out and help others.  And, we need to associate with the types of people that exhibit these great traits.

We promise!

You hear everyone talking about making a “NEW YEARS’ resolution.  Let’s all make the same one.  Let’s promise to be good people.  Let’s offer up a smile when we see someone not a frown.  Let’s be kind to the children.  Teach them to be kind to others as well.  And let’s make this a GREAT new year for everyone.  Please.  And for today, have a great day.  You deserve it, and I do too.





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