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so pretty

so pretty

Blog therapy.  That is really what all this is about.  Therapy for those of us who like to talk out loud.  It’s getting our thoughts and feelings out there.  It’s sharing a little of our know how or in some cases, our know how not too.

No one can get to my age, 68, and not have  a few stories to tell, life lessons that have been learned the hard way, and conclusions about life.  We go through this process until we pass to the next realm whatever that may be.

To me blogging is talking to the clouds.  You don’t know if anyone is even out there reading your stuff, but that’s okay.  It helps me look back on life events and ponder them, exam them, and maybe even let go of them.  And, it doesn’t cost a dime.  Okay, it cost a little because you pay for your domain name, and a few other perks but, it is cheaper then a doctor visit, and if all you need to do is talk, then a blog is the perfect format.

You can probably tell that I am new to this blogging stuff.  I don’t have the tricks or fancy bits down yet, but that’s okay.  I find it helpful just doing this.



Now, if you “really”  need to talk to someone, you should.  Many of us have issues that we need help sorting through, nothing to be ashamed of.  More and more people are coming forward to get help with their problems, and they need to be proud of their courage.  When I was growing up there were a lot of things you didn’t talk about to anyone.  It was just part of your life, you learned to stuff it.  I will admit that that attitude was very harmful to us.  It caused many of us to build a wall of shame around ourselves when there was no need. Thankfully the stories are coming out, and they are believed.  Finally.

I am a person who believes in the power of meditation and mindfulness.  I need to feel peaceful, quiet, and calm throughout my day. We carry so much. It bogs us down.  Creates anxiety and stress.  Then after some time has gone by, it makes us sick.

As you may or may not know nature is one of my release mechanisms. Animals soothe my heart, and music carries me away when I am feeling stressed.

If you have ever listened to a beautiful piece of music you know what I mean. It has the power to carry you away.  Lift you up out of the muck, and let you feel free again.  My dog is a powerful tool as well.  When she greets me, cuddles close, or just walks along enjoying the great outdoors with me I feel like a better person.

hidden under a bush

hidden under a bush

I encourage all of you to find something that can take you away from the turmoil inside. Find something that makes you feel relaxed, soothed, calm, and peaceful.  And I am not talking about drugs and alcohol.  Those are only temporary substitutes to the natural high that you can get from just letting go of your stress and relaxing.

It has been proven that the feel good chemicals in our bodies, endorphins, are released when we learn and practice meditation.  Our bodies release these naturally when in a relaxed state.  Using drugs and alcohol fills that void in the beginning but then it stops doing the job  And, eventually it doesn’t really help at all. Not so with meditation. The more you do it, the better the result.

So, today take a moment or two and get lost in something wonderful.  Nature, a pet, coffee beans, flowers, or some beautiful music.  What you will find is that you want the feeling to last longer so, you will start giving yourself more time, and then more time, and more time again to let go and feel good.  Just do it and have a great day.

this little girl helps alot.




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I am amazed by life, mostly the world of animals, nature, and things around us. People not so much. Oh, they amaze me. And, I see them. But it is the other things I reach for in a time of stress. And if I am lucky I have my camera handy..
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