Actors, Immigrants, and Trump.

We the people!

Good Day.  I have finally reached my boiling point so it is time for me to express my opinion.  I mean after all everyone else is doing it.  First off I hate the news.  At least most news.  I hate that these big wigs can get away with presenting half truths and lies to the public just to keep us on their side.  They do this to separate and enrage people against each other. Never mind what the truth really is. They are disgusting.

How did these folks get so much control?  How did they become so brazen leaning toward their agenda instead of leading toward enlightening the public.  It has become one big pile of crap.  My question is how do we get it to change.  I don’t think I will ever be able to hold my head up with pride at what is going on in this country thanks to the distortion presented by the media, and the lies and half truths presented by our so called leaders.  I agree that it is time to clean out the swamp but, my God it is so toxic and deep.  Who knew!

As to all these has been actors sharing their vile opinions with an audience who was expecting to be entertained I ask ” who made you our spokesperson.”  I see all you rich folks in your big houses acting all righteous when you have done nothing to aide the plight of these illegal immigrants since day one.  There are over 200 detention centers in the United States, there has been for years, and instead of getting off you butts and going there to help, giving of your time and money, most of you just want your faces on television or in the news.  And to Mr Fonda I say you are a vile man to say such things about anyone’s child.  You are an example of what is wrong with this country. An example of hatred.  I wonder, how many children have you abused?

If you have a problem with the way things are going become active to make a change.  There are many things you can do to help besides slinging shit everywhere.  I ask how many hours of volunteer work have you given to these poor children?  I mean most of you are unemployed so you have lots of time on your hands, no reason you can’t go and help feed the children.  Bring gift bags and food, stay and entertain them, send needed items, and be physically present.  Standing up on a podium is the cowards way.  Getting your hands in the dirt is the way to help, to make a difference.  As I have always said to people who like to preach at me  “show me” don’t tell me.  Be an example of the type of person you say we all should be.  It starts with one person, then the cascade will begin.  Did you know it cost the tax payers $144 per person per day while these illegal immigrants are being held.  You could help cover that cost by giving generously of your movie royalties.


On Yahoo the other day,  I love to hate Yahoo, Mexico’s Foreign minister blasts the ” cruel and inhumane US immigration policy”.  I mean what a oxymoron.  The foreign minister from a country where it’s citizens can’t get out fast enough is blasting us.  The foreign minister who’s citizens live in poverty correcting us.  The foreign minister who’s citizens live in constant fear is reading us the riot act.  Give me a break.  Why didn’t the media pick up on those comments?  Why did they let that slide by instead of focusing on Melanie’s wardrobe again?

People are saying bad things about us, some true, some cruel.  We need to step up and not let these idiots get under our skin. Let’s give all those Hollywood stars bus tickets to the detention centers so they can put their words into action.  Who are they taking care of but themselves.  We don’t need another half naked picture of anyone.  We need pictures of those who are actually out their working to make these situations better for the folks caught up in the laws of our country.  We need to see that there are people working long hours and long days to lessen the plight of these illegal immigrants.  There are many working very hard.

I saw on Ellen’s show awhile ago that this basketball star lived in a 73,000 square foot house with 15 bathrooms.  Most rooms he never went in.  How about filling that space with children.  I know, I know, we are a capitalist country, we can buy, spend, and throw all the money in the world away that we want to since we’ve earned it.  Hope you don’t feel too guilty when you see those children living in ” cages.” What makes me laugh is in the same breath of describing your home you blast Trump for his heartless actions.  Things that started years before he took office.

I heard a news story where these illegals were bringing in children, not their children, so that they could get into the country more easily.  So that people would feel sorry for them and let them ” slide” by.  It was in the news. Do you believe it.  Why not?  They wouldn’t lie.

And lastly Mr President.  Every day I am so disappointed in you.  Not because of the work you are doing.  I think it is work that someone needed to take on.  Instead it is the words you use in the media.  The shit you sling at others. I think it is time to go quietly about your work.  Take care of business.  Make this country great because things aren’t looking so good right now.

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There is so much hatred flowing everywhere.  Each cruel word or deed can be countered with an example of an equally cruel word or deed.  Police are in a panic shooting innocent people. I say they need to carry tranquilizing guns and knock them out.  Those guns can take down an elephant.  If someone is committing a crime then they need to be taken in.  If they are antagonizing and threatening others knock them out.  Shoot them wear it hurts.  If you’re not that good of a shot then you better practice.  There are ways to stop people who are committing a crime without taking their lives. Aren’t there?

We live in a fearful time.  We are afraid of where our politicians are taking this country. We are afraid of the guy sitting next to us, afraid that he might reach out and punch us in the face because he doesn’t like the color of our skin.  We are afraid of what is going on in other countries that might fall back on us.  And, we are afraid of what the future holds.

How do we counter this?  We counter this by becoming better citizens.  We counter this by getting back our pride in this country.  And, we can counter this by gaining back our faith in our humanity.  As Martin Luther King Jr said “ we may have come on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now.”  We must stand together as Americans. Not as a white women, not as a black man, not as an immigrant because we are all immigrants, but as Americans.  One nation under God…whomever that is for you.

Something I know for a fact is that we all want the same things. Good health,  someone to love, a good life for our children, and happiness.  Everything else is just extra.  I challenge you the next time you look at someone to see that they want the same things as you do.  If you could close your eyes and hear the person speak of their wishes and fears without seeing the color of their skin, would you feel a bond with them.  Of course you would.  Let that bond form.  Reach out to someone in a kind way.  Let them know by a good deed or action that you care.

I love this country.

We have been given this time on the earth to make it a better place.  Let’s not destroy it but instead ask how we can help.  The answer is in your heart.  You know it and I know it.  One thing I have learned as I have aged, I am sixty seven now, is that all the answers are really inside.  Sometimes I don’t like them because they require ” me” to change, but the right answer is always there.  For today offer peace to those around you and if you get a chance do a good deed for someone.  Oh and have a great day, you deserve it.

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