“A Philosophical Tangent On Abortion”

( I’m going to re-release this) I am going out on a limb here, but I have been up all night with these thoughts rambling around in my head.  Finally, I couldn’t take it and decided to put my thoughts on paper.

When does the me of me, become me?  At what point in the development of this ball of cells does the me enter into that equation?

No, I’m not kidding!  When do I enter the picture?  When does the me of me become me, and where am I until that moment?

Do I enter this creation of cells at the moment of impact when sperm meets egg?  Or the first doubling of the cells?  Or do I enter after the hundredth?  Or is it at the millionth?

When does the me of me, the feeling, sensing, thinking part of me come into this great ball of replicating, developing cells?

Where am I until I become the me of me?  Do I exist at all?  At what part of this developing creation do I enter?  At what stage?

Science can not answer this question.  No one can.  The greatest minds have never been able to answer the question of when the me of me becomes me during this life giving  development of a human being.

This form that is sitting here typing out these questions was specifically created for me.  The I of me was placed inside of this huge mass of cells.  It is me but, where is that part of me that feels, thinks, remembers, cries, loves, and creates?  What is my location inside this mass of cells?  Am I in every cell?  Am I inside my brain?  Am I inside my knee?  Or am I inside my heart?  Where am I  No one can answer these questions!

Do you know that some research has said that the human body is 1/2 to 1 pound lighter right after the moment of death!  Is that me leaving this pile of cells?  Or is it the poo leaving my colon?

Science argues over the description of life and when it matters.  It argues over when it is okay to destroy that ball of cells. It argues over when it is viable.  But, it never mentions when it becomes me.  It never mentions when the me of me becomes part of those cells.

So, when you take those deadly sharp instruments and hack away at the cells inside, do you know that you are destroying the me of those cells as well?  The me of those cells that was specifically created for the me of me.

How many abortions occur a year?  What is the current statistic?  A million.  Tens of millions  How many?

I worked college health for over twenty years and I can say for certainty from my own experience that over 99% of the young women who came into our office for information on abortion felt it “just wasn’t the right time?

These young women were not victims of rape.  They were not giving birth to deformed monsters they didn’t want.  They didn’t have a clue, “it just wasn’t the right time.”

The moment a sperm meets an egg is that moment of creation.  What becomes of that creation is up to nature, and the woman carrying that creation.

Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control.  There are plenty of other forms to use, abortion should not be an option.

It seems that sex is in the news all the time.  Magazines use it. Almost every product on the market uses some form of sex appeal to sell their wares. So, why are we so uncomfortable with our bodies and what occurs at the time of intercourse, that we don’t take responsibility for that moment when creation occurs?

I know all the responses to these questions, ” we didn’t plan it’, ” it was a one night stand”, ” I don’t even know him/her that well” ” I am not ready for a baby” and on and on goes the merry go round.

Sadly what abortion has allowed to occur is that no one is responsible.  You can just rake it out.  No worries.

I think as a society we have failed our young.  We must educate them that intercourse can and will result in the creation, let me say that again, in the creation of another human being.  That is what nature intended.  Intercourse is the method by which another human being is created.  It is how human beings continue on this earth.  So far that is.

Do we tell our children that intercourse can and will result in the creation of another human being.? Do they teach this in school?  Do they USE those words?

It is not just about all the diseases out there. It is about what can and will occur.

I’ve heard all the arguments.  I know the drill, but, along with my questions about the me of me, and when that begins I want to ask another philosophical question or two.

What is your purpose in life?  Who are you to become once the me of me enters that pile of cells?  How do you know what your role will be in the creation of the me of me if you just rake it out?

Who decided the time was right at that moment of creation?  Was it really an accident?  Is life just one great big random moment in time?

Millions and millions of abortions a year.  Millions and millions of “me” that will never exist.  Think about it!  Could you have been a  “me” of me that didn’t exist?  Was it the right moment for your sperm and egg donor to have a ” me”?  Ask yourself that question?

I believe that most of us were just moments in time.  Not planned at all.  We just became the “me” of me….So, where is the me of me until it meets it’s great big pile of cells?  Think about that!!!! Oh and as I always say, have a great day you deserve it.

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