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Ranting about”Breast Cancer Awareness Month” Part 1

Okay this is not going to be some motivational  piece or pretty picture for you to view.  This is me telling you to screw BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month.  I know I am going to upset the world as this has … Continue reading

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Pink Everywhere. Let the Games Begin!

I can hear the pounding of footsteps close behind me.  I can almost feel the vibrations of the concrete beneath my feet as if a tyrannosaurus were hot on my heels.  The air is filled with their stinky breath as … Continue reading

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Gearing Up for ” Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

This is one of my soap boxes which begs the question ” who doesn’t know about breast cancer?” Who on this planet earth hasn’t been made aware of all the women, and men who have or who are dying from … Continue reading

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Short and Sweet!

  You talk too much!  That is what someone wrote too me.  They said I needed more pictures as the content was to long.  I certainly wasn’t surprised by this comment.  After all it has been said that in the … Continue reading

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Passion, Love, and Other Stuff

This is going to be a totally different article then I usually do because I have a question for you! Who would you pick if your choice was the GREATEST lover in the world, or the nicest person. Seriously! We’ve … Continue reading

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