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Have you ever looked at the pictures sent to earth from the Mars rover.  People get all excited about what appears to be ” things” of this earth such as mice and monuments that they think they see in the … Continue reading

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Ranting about ” Breast Cancer Awareness” Part 10

Greetings.  Welcome to another day in the whole scheme of things.  That is a good thing, having another day. There was time when I feared for the arrival of the next day.  Cancer does that to you, makes your afraid … Continue reading

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Hopping along.

The burst of red is what caught my eye. This beautiful cardinal, the male, was skimming across my yard almost touching the grass. I thought “oh what a beautiful bird” then I saw something hopping in front of it. With … Continue reading

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Ranting against ” Breast Cancer Awareness” Part 9

I expected so much more this month.  I don’t know if I have been walking around with my eyes closed but, I haven’t heard that much about breast cancer awareness.  I see pink things for sale in the stores but … Continue reading

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Out on a limb.

I’m taking that one tiny step and sticking my foot out on a limb here by talking about Trump’s comments in the news.  Actually, I’m not going to talk about his comments, but, about the backlash that has occurred, and … Continue reading

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