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Have you ever looked at the pictures sent to earth from the Mars rover.  People get all excited about what appears to be ” things” of this earth such as mice and monuments that they think they see in the … Continue reading

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Hopping along.

The burst of red is what caught my eye. This beautiful cardinal, the male, was skimming across my yard almost touching the grass. I thought “oh what a beautiful bird” then I saw something hopping in front of it. With … Continue reading

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Out on a limb.

I’m taking that one tiny step and sticking my foot out on a limb here by talking about Trump’s comments in the news.  Actually, I’m not going to talk about his comments, but, about the backlash that has occurred, and … Continue reading

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Blog therapy!

Blog therapy.  That is really what all this is about.  Therapy for those of us who like to talk out loud.  It’s getting our thoughts and feelings out there.  It’s sharing a little of our know how or in some … Continue reading

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