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Russia, I’ve been to one tiny corner.

Have you ever traveled out of this country?  Gone to places that have been there since olden times.  Places that have raced across the pages of history.  I have. One such place was Saint Petersburg, Russia, my senior year of … Continue reading

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Backyard friends.

I absolutely love squirrels although I know many people think of them as small rats with bushy tails.  They are the most entertaining critters.  The ones that come to my backyard habitat, it’s not really a habitat, I just feed … Continue reading

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I didn’t know what it was when it whirled past me.  I was astounded when this creature hovered close by me in the backyard .  It zipped and speed past heading straight for the honeysuckle vines as if to say … Continue reading

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Look closely.

What do you see in this picture? Look closely or you will miss it.  That’s what I do when I am trekking along my favorite trails.  I look and listen to see what nature’s creatures have to offer. When I … Continue reading

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It’s all in the eyes.

You will find that my passion is dogs, squirrels, and other wildlife.  After the living creatures comes the other things in nature, and lastly is the world around us.  So, to start with my first passion I wanted to show … Continue reading

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