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Peek a Boo!

Walk quietly in the woods. Listen to the sounds around you.  There is an orchestra of nature’s music all around. Look closely in the brush and tree line. You are not alone. This is my favorite activity. To walk along … Continue reading

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What on earth?

My granddaughters and I play a game whenever we see nature’s little furry creatures playing by putting words to their actions.  Sometimes we make up stories about them. Who they are, what are they doing, do they like us?   … Continue reading

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The Hunter: What a Beauty!

Look at this lovely guy.  I don’t know that it is a guy but there it was perched on my neighbors fence for all the world to see.  This beautiful creature just stood there poised and calm looking around. I … Continue reading

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Self talk.

  So, do you talk to yourself?  Of course you do.  We all do.  The greatest invention was the cell phone so that we can walk along and act like we are talking to someone, when in actuality we are … Continue reading

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Panic & Poo

One week ago today I had major surgery.  I am sixty five years old and it wasn’t my heart. No sir it was the other kind.  The kind that takes out the organs you no longer need.  The big H … Continue reading

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