A picture is worth a 1,000 words but, I have just a few.

I am not a people person.  Sorry to all you people out there. But, I am an animal person. I will admit that seeing a beautiful animal or any creature in nature can stop me in my tracks. When I come upon wild life on my walks I have to stop and admire their beauty.  I always feel I am in the presence of something special when we each turn and go our own way. Things amaze me, animals warm my heart, and nature takes my breath away.

It’s these quiet moments that allow us to regroup and find a moment of peace.  I hope the things I share along this journey will give you a moment to reflect.  A moment to think, and a moment to let go.

Doesn’t the picture on this blog make you want to walk along that path, to breathe in the fresh air, and feel the breeze on your skin.  Just do it then.  Stare at the picture and imagine walking down that path with that fellow.  Feel the coolness as you walk under the trees.  Nature is a great healer.  Find a place in nature to do a little healing, and have a great day.


Let’s relax together.